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With a cohesive team and comprehensive care, our clinic will provide the best care for your child and will work with you every step of the way.
Dare2Care Pediatrics strives to provide comprehensive pediatric care. Our team works hard to ensure that every child and family receive quality care addressing physical, emotional, developmental, nutritional and physiological needs. We care.
Our mission is to provide and maintain a true medical home for all our families. We work to provide quality pediatric care, evidence-based treatments, and comprehensive care-coordination which addresses physical, developmental and behavioral health needs. We strongly believe in preventative pediatric care and strive to improve outcomes through research, training & education and advocacy.
We offer in-house care-team coordination with our pediatrician who treats behavioral health and physical health issues and registered play therapists, speech therapists, music therapists, lactation consultants and services in interactive metronome and brain training. These services are provided by specialists who practice within our walls to create a true pediatric care team.

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